Global science. Proven local performance.

Delivering the production demanded by Australia’s world-leading farm systems requires a significant investment in research, development and real world testing.

With the resources of 17 research centres throughout Europe, 300,000 experimental plots worldwide, 40 breeding programmes across 26 species, and 760+ employees, all working to increase yields, robustness and quality, our partnership with RAGT has been a huge win for our farming partners.

Through Seed Force, Australian farmers are able to gain access to the comprehensive technology advancements from these efforts.

It takes years of development to create a new cultivar, but by investing the time, effort and resources required helps ensure confidence in a variety once it’s commercialised.

Seed Force knew that for its cultivars to perform in the Australia market they have to be able to stand up to the pressures of our unique environment, while also delivering the production demanded by our world leading farm systems. Some key breeding parameters were required from the outset. The focus was on robust genetics. RAGT plant breeding is based on the fundamentals of great genetics teamed with high production and quality. It’s these foundations which help ensure the material they produce performs as expected in the field. Throughout the process, selections were made with key focuses on not just yield but a range of factors which help ensure robustness and strength in the real world.

Being smart in leveraging our global strengths in plant breeding , use of new technologies and access to other global markets was a key objective. By utilising R2n breeder experts, we could create a unique global breeding collaboration.

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