SF Splendour

Ideal as a stand over feed for grazing

SF Splendour is an ultra-late Photo Period Sensitive (PPS) hybrid sorghum x sudangrass. It can be grazed or held over as standing feed or hay and will not run to head like the early maturing varieties on the market.

The plant will not enter the reproductive stage until there is less than 12 hours and 20 minutes sunlight which takes it out well into autumn.

It will need to be fed with adequate nutrition based on a soil test. We recommend sowing with an N/P based starter fertiliser and regular topdressing after grazings with Nitrogen and some Potassium. Being a sorghum by sudan, grass weeds can be controlled with Atrazine without the need for a seed safener.

For difficult grass and broadleaf weed problems, you can use a seed safener such as Concep II® to enable the use of Dual Gold® or Primextra Gold®.

Agronomic features:
  • Hybrid Sorghum X Sudan
    Low prussic acid risk

  • Ultra-late flowering
    • Improved feed quality over early varieties
    • Ideal as stand-over feed for grazing or cutting

  • Fine stemmed and leafy
    Improved feed quality

  • Good drought tolerance
    Efficient water use efficiency

  • Works well as a multi-cut hay or hay and silage
    Flexible stand management


Sowing rate



Stock suitability

All livestock types
Silage & hay


ultra-late flowering

Australian release