SF Rampart

SF Rampart Ladino white clover is a cross between several selections of plants collected in Oregon USA. Ladino types are more erect, large leaved types with improved establish vigour and ability to stand up above companion grasses. This is particularly important when selecting a legume to plant with or spread into kikuyu-based pastures, but will be relevant to sowing into more summer growing temperate grasses such as cocksfoot and tall fescue. Ladino types also produce higher levels of Nitrogen when correctly inoculated. This can help reduced the required Nitrogen fertiliser in stands with good Ladino clover content.

SF Rampart has performed at the highest levels in US trials and is performing well in Australia.

Agronomic features:
  • Erect, large leaf type

    Well suited to planting into tropical grasses such as kikuyu

  • High forage yields

    More feed available for livestock

  • High protein and digestibility

    Outstanding animal performance

  • High nitrogen fixation
    Reduced requirement for Nitrogen fertiliser

Sowing rate

Mixed with other clovers, perennial grasses and herbs

Stock suitability

All livestock types
Silage & hay

Australian release