SF Oasis

General Fit

SF Oasis is a new soft leaf cocksfoot from the RAGT program that has produced SF Greenly and SF Lazuly. SF Oasis is slightly later flowering but maintains similar persistence to existing Seed Force cocksfoot varieties. It also has improved rust resistance over Greenly & Lazuly. It has been selected after strong performance in Australian trials at Armidale and Warrnambool and is performing similarly in other long term trials still to be released.

Agronomic features:
  • Soft leaf cocksfoot

    Improved animal acceptance

  • High forage yields
    More feed available for livestock

  • Excellent feed quality
    Outstanding animal performance

  • Improved disease resistance
    Increased palatability by stock

Forage EBV’s – compared to industry standards*

SF Oasis 5,259 104% 79
SFR36-007 5,176 103% 81
Kara 5,081 101% 77
SFR36-016 5,042 100% 74
Porto 5,044 100% 79
SF Lazuly 5,023 100% 79
SFR36-018 5,015 100% 73

* mean 2 sites x 3 years; Armidale NSW and Warrnambool VIC
* density data taken after 4 years at the Armidale site

Sowing rate

with clovers and herbs 

Stock suitability

All livestock types
Silage & hay

Australian release