SF Moskito

For grazing and fodder conservation

SF Moskito is a new winter wheat specifically selected for grazing and fodder conservation.
It is an awnless variety with good tillering ability and more prostrate habit and will be more palatable than awned varieties when made into silage. SF Moskito has good feed quality and can be planted early (late summer/early autumn) particularly in areas that receive early autumn rain or have irrigation. Being a winter type, it requires cold vernalisation, so will not flower from early plantings like spring wheats.

It is ideally suited to conserving as whole crop silage at milky dough stage of crop.

Agronomic features:
  • Winter type
    Earlier planting opportunity

  • Strong recovery after grazing
    More grazing potential

  • Awnless variety
    Improved palatability when conserved as silage. Ideal for whole crop silage

  • Late maturity
    Longer growing season and better quality hay

Sowing rate


Stock suitability

All livestock types


late flowering

Australian release