SF Lavish

Quick establishment and multiple harvests

SF Lavish is a new hybrid sorghum x sudan grass option ideally suited to quick establishment and multiple harvests.

It should be grazed from 60–100cm in height to maximise forage quality, but can be conserved as hay, but with lower feed value than silage. More frequent grazings or cutting will maximise yield and improve quality through grazing by sheep, beef or dairy cattle.

It will need to be fed with adequate nutrition based on a soil test. We recommend sowing with an N/P based starter fertiliser and regular topdressing after grazings with Nitrogen and some Potassium. Being a sorghum by sudan, grass weeds can be controlled with Atrazine without the need for a seed safener.

For difficult grass and broadleaf weed problems, you can use a seed safener such as Concep II® to enable the use of Dual Gold® or Primextra Gold®.

Key characteristics
  • Excellent seedling vigour for fast initial feed

    Fast to establish

  • Fine stemmed for good feed quality
  • High leaf to stem ratio

    Improved feed quality

  • Strong re-growth after cutting or grazing

    Suited to multiple cutting/grazing

  • Suited to grazing, silage or hay production
    Low prussic acid risk


Sowing rate



Stock suitability

All livestock types
Silage & hay


early flowering

Australian release

> 2018