SF Flourish

Fast first feed and multiple harvests

SF Flourish is an excellent value forage sorghum option ideally suited to fast first feed and multiple harvests. It should be grazed from 60–100cm in height to maximise forage quality, but can be conserved as hay, but with lower feed value.

Higher sowing rates will maximise yield and improve quality through production of finer stems. Suited to hay or grazing by sheep, beef or dairy cattle. It will need to be fed with adequate nutrition based on a soil test. We recommend sowing with an N/P based starter fertiliser and regular topdressing after grazings with Nitrogen and some Potassium.

Being a sorghum by sudan, grass weeds can be controlled with Atrazine without the need for a seed safener. For difficult grass and broadleaf weed problems, you can use a seed safener such as Concep II® to enable the use of Dual Gold® or Primextra Gold®.

Agronomic features:
  • Hybrid Sorghum X Sudan
    Low prussic acid risk

  • Fine stemmed and leafy
    Reduced prussic acid risk

  • Excellent regrowth & drought tolerance
    Outstanding animal performance

  • Works well as a multi-cut hay or hay and silage
    Flexible stand management

Forage EBV’s – compared to industry standards*

0.5 1.0M 1.5M 0.5M 1.0M 1.5M 0.5M 1.0M 1.5M
sudan grass
SF Flourish 10,417 48 61 58 11.4 9.7 9.9 23.2 18.2 16.6
BMR Revolution 10,583 45 57 64 11.2 9.7 9.3 21.8 20.6 15.3
Boost 10,576 47 62 59 11.2 9.6 9.8 20.7 16.5 20.0
0ctane BMR 8,497 49 54 64 10.8 10.3 9.1 21.2 18.7 17.5
Siberian 4,228 47 66 11.6 8.8 24.9 15.3

* based on data from trial at Murwillumbah 2015/16
* Quality data from NSW DPI Feed Analysis Service based on different cutting heights

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All livestock types
Silage & hay


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