SF Colossus

Bulk winter feed faster

SF Colossus is a mid-late flowering forage oat with suitability to grazing and high quality hay. It has medium seed size enabling slightly lower seeding rate than larger seeded varieties, and a heavier seeding rate than Saia oats. It has rapid establishment with wide leaves and tillers well. It is best suited to early grazing as this will encourage tillering and prevent lodging if locked up as a hay or grain crop.

SF Colossus is mid-late flowering and in local trials has shown to be about 3 weeks later flowering than Wintaroo and 4 weeks later than Swan oats. Its late maturity makes it ideally suited to cutting for hay or mixing with other species for specialist use.

Agronomic features:
  • Rapid establishment
    Faster to first grazing with more winter feed

  • Medium seed size
    Slightly lower sowing rate

  • Mid-late maturity
    Maintains quality for conserved fodder

Sowing rate



Stock suitability

All livestock types


mid-late maturity

Australian release