SF Cardinal

General Description

Cardinal fine fescue is suited to drier low fertility soils either in full sun or shade. Cardinal establishes to form a fine dense turf with excellent insect and disease resistance. Cardinal can be included as part of a mix with bluegrass and ryegrass due to its colour and leaf texture.

Cardinal is quick to establish, a plus for slops and drainage areas with higher risks of erosion.

Agronomic features:
  • Excellent turf quality

    Provides high aesthetic value

  • Summer stress tolerant

    Maintains better density under warm conditions

  • Agressive and competitive 

    Faster to establish than many other fed fescues

  • Improved pest & disease resistance
    Reduced impact of disease in turf

Areas of use:

Golf Course – Greens
Golf Course – Tees
Golf Course – Fairways Suitable
Golf Course – Roughs Ideal
Parks & Gardens Ideal
Sports fields Suitable
Extensive lawns Ideal
Shaded areas Ideal

Sowing rate

New seeding application


It can be included in turf mixes at up to 33% of the mix.

Suggested for inclusion in blends for protective ground cover for open area, hillsides, drains and golf course roughs.