SF Calorific

SF Calorific is an outstanding new hybrid sweet sorghum ideally suited to fodder conservation.

Growing up to 3m tall, it has good grain content if allowed to mature for a late silage cut. Best suited to situations requiring maximum fodder yield from one or two large harvests, it is a late flowering variety with large broad leaves, maximising the leaf-to-stem ratio for improved feed quality.

Its high sugar content in the stem makes ideal for high yielding silage cuts. Under good conditions or irrigation, SF Calorific can be shut up for a second cut or grazed.

Seed Force is releasing SF Calorific in 2019, with small volumes available while it is being bulked up.

Key characteristics
  • New hybrid sweet sorghum x sweet sorghum

  • Suited to high yielding single or two cuts for fodder

  • Retains quality under longer growing seasons

  • Provides higher quality feed for conservation

  • Large broad leaf with high sugar stem

Trial results

Two trials that included SF Calorific were sown over the 2018/19 summer period, with the following results.

Variety C1 14.1.19 % mean C1 11.12.18 C2 20.3.19 Total % mean
SF Calorific 7,416 112 11,150 6,159 17,308 133 123
Hunnigreen 5,399 82 9,015 5,116 14,130 108 95
Sweet Jumbo LPA 4,258 64 7,119 5,081 12,200 94 79
Trial mean 6,602 100 8,160 4,879 13,039 100 100

* There were 8 other breeder lines in the trials, with none out-performing SF Calorific over the two sites.
* The Pampas site was sown and managed by Kalyx.
* The Shepparton site was sown and managed by Eurofins.

Sowing Rate



Stock suitability

Best suited to conserving as silage or hay for feeding to dairy and beef cattle


Late maturity

Australian release

> 2019