SF Blackhawk

General Fit

SF Blackhawk is a new hard-seeded arrowleaf clover with improved forage yield production. It has been selected for improved resistance to pythium and bean yellow mosaic virus. It produces forage well into late spring, which can be used as deferred grazing into summer.

To enable maximum regeneration, rest the paddock during flowering and seed production, then return stock for grazing.
Seed can pass through animals and still regenerate. SF Blackhawk has performed well in trials in Australia at Tenterfield and Shepparton. It should be planted in early autumn and will handle acid to neutral soils. It is not recommended to cut for hay in the first year

Agronomic features:
  • Excellent re-seeding ability
    Strong regeneration for good longevity

  • High forage yields
    More feed available for livestock

  • High protein and digestibility
    Outstanding animal performance

  • Improved disease resistance
    Better establishment and seedling survival

Sowing rate

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pasture mixes 

Stock suitability

All livestock types
Silage & hay

Australian release