RGT Zanzibar

Full season growing potential

RGT Zanzibar is a bearded main season red wheat with very high yield potential and is very well adapted to all environments across QLD, NSW, Vic, SA and Tasmania. For growers looking for yield and have a reliable feed market this variety is hard to go past. RGT Zanzibar has superior grain yield over key competitors Suntop, EGA Gregory and Spitfire.

The variety has a good disease resistance profile with very good resistance to stripe rust. With excellent straw strength harvest quality is good producing large bold grain with a high thousand grain weight.

Agronomic features:
Trialled as SFR86-055
  • Main Season Spring wheat
  • Suited to late April to Mid May sowing
  • Being tested for grazing tolerance
  • High yield potential
  • Excellent stripe rust resistance 
  • Excellent straw strength and standability

Sowing rate



mid-late maturity 

Australian release