RGT Planet

Australian malt accredited. A good economic option.

RGT Planet is a high yielding spring barley well suited to Australian conditions. Its strong agronomic package combined with its yield potential makes it an economic option for Australian barley growers.

Now with malt accreditation in Australia, it also has malt status in many European countries and with Heineken and Carlsberg worldwide.

RGT Planet has good disease resistance to mildew, rhincosporum, net blotch and brown rust. It also has good straw strength and reduced risk of lodging.

Agronomic features:
  • High yielding variety

    Earlier planting opportunity

  • Low protein, high hot water extract

    Suited to malting

  • Malt accreditation in Australia 

    Heineken and Carlsberg approved

  • Mid season type 
    Adaptable to early or late season finishes
NVT barley results 2016 & 2017 (% of trial means)
National NVT 2016 2017 mean
mean yield 4.98 3.58
no trials 56 51
RGT Planet 117 107 112
Rosalind 109 110 110
Banks 104 105 105
Fathom 104 105 105
Compass 99 108 104
La Trobe 101 105 103
Spartacus CL 100 104 102


Sowing rate



mid season flowering

Australian release