General Description

Escalade turf type tall fescue is an important variety jointly developed by Oregro Research & Rutgers University. It is fine leafed, dense and dark in colour with excellent brown patch resistance and improved tolerance to traffic wear and brown patch.

It is an excellent choice for a wide range of turf applications and will handle closer mowing heights. It requires moderate nitrogen applications and will handle less water than ryegrass.

Agronomic features:
  • Aggressive establishment

    Faster to establish and crowd out weeds

  • Good tolerance to drought, heat and traffic

    Will withstand lower watering regime

  • Rich, dark colour

    Greater aesthetic quality

  • Improved resistance to brown patch
    Reduced impact of disease in turf

Areas of use:

Golf Course – Greens
Golf Course – Tees
Golf Course – Fairways
Golf Course – Roughs Ideal
Parks & Gardens Ideal
Sports fields Suitable
Extensive lawns Ideal
Shaded areas Ideal

Sowing rate

New seeding application

If used in a mix it should be the dominant variety around 70% of the mix.