Apple SGL

General Description

Apple GL perennial ryegrass has been bred for increased disease tolerance and is ideally suited to high wear environments. Apple GL is medium dark green in colour and establishes rapidly providing a dense sward with moderate drought tolerance under varying fertility levels. It fills in aggressively to out-compete weeds and can be mowed at fairway cutting heights with excellent density retention.

Agronomic features:
  • Aggressive establishment, good winter activity 

    Faster to establish and crowd out weeds

  • Rapid recovery after wear

    Recovers quickly to maintain good density

  • Drought tolerant

    Will withstand lower watering regime

  • Tolerates closer mowing
    Maintains better density under closer mowing
  • Broad spectrum disease resistance
    Reduced impact of disease in turf including brown patch, pythium, rust and red thread.

Areas of use:

Golf Course – Greens
Golf Course – Tees Ideal
Golf Course – Fairways Ideal
Golf Course – Roughs
Parks & Gardens Ideal
Sports fields Ideal
Extensive lawns Suitable
Shaded areas

Sowing rate

New seeding application


Golf course greens

Golf course tees, fairways & roughs