Seed Force Hybrid TT Canola all come from strong family roots!

They say the apple never falls far from the tree.

In the case of our newly listed End Point Royalty Hybrid TT Canola varieties this is in fact a huge positive, especially for those looking to minimise the upfront cost of Hybrid Canola seed, yet still obtain a high yielding and exceptional performing TT variety. Another positive is these NPZ engineered Canola varieties are equal to or even better when matched up against other members of the family using recent NVT trial data across Australia. Not many know that Seed Force Hybrid TTs share the same strong family genetics as BASF Invigor and Pioneer TT Hybrids. All three seed businesses use the same high yielding and high performing germplasm to perfect their own varieties. It means each variety is a member of the one big family, although like in all families, some in this crop can be better than others (we believe those are ours).

What you can expect from Seed Force Hybrid TT Canola varieties:

1. Improved yield potential when compared to OPs and other hybrids (up to 10%)
2. Strong pest and disease profiles, to insure against yield loss (including broad choice of Group chemical options)
3. Excellent early vigour to assist against weed competition and potential weed pressure lowering performance
4. A wider choice of varieties, enhancing the opportunity to sow an ideal option based on climate, location and rainfall
5. A lower upfront seed cost, and protection again sub par harvest thanks to all varieties being EPR listed

So if you’re someone who who values strong family roots, and doing what’s best for your family, maybe it’s time to introduce your fields to some new family members. It was a big call for us to move our TT range to EPR varieties but ultimately we see our Seed Force Royalty Management Program as a fairer approach to reducing the upfront cost on Hybrid TT seed and providing more cost-effective options in cropping programs. We hope you do to!

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