End Point Royalty.

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On behalf of Seed Force Pty Ltd we would like to thank you for growing and supporting a Seed Force broadacre crops and welcome you to our new online royalty management system ESeedforce. For those growers that have an email address registered, you will receive an email  which has been developed to make your royalty management simple and convenient. Your details have been provided to us from your local seed supplier. Your transactions through auto collect will be automatically added to your account and you will be able to pay EPR’s directly through the portal via credit card or via direct deposit.

Seed Force wishes to advise you that the varieties list below have EPR’s as indicated.

Variety Details EPR (GST Inc)
SF Hekto Feed Winter Red Wheat $4.40
SF Ovalo Feed Winter Red Wheat $4.40
RGT Accroc Feed Winter Red Wheat $4.40
RGT Calabro Feed Winter Red Wheat $4.40
RGT Planet Spring Barley $4.40
RGT Zanzibar Feed Spring Red Wheat $4.40

Please Note: You are not authorised to grow and sell your own seed to other farmers.

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