End Point Royalties

EPRs support Seed Force and its breeding partners to continue developing varieties that deliver improved returns for Australian grain and mixed farmers.

Each time a grower purchases a Seed Force variety noted for having and EPR payable, they agree to comply with the Variety Licence Agreement (VLA), including payment of any applicable EPR.

The EPR is payable on all grain produced, except for seed retained by and for replanting by that grower. All grain produced must be properly represented on the Harvest Declaration Form. Note: You are not authorised to grow and sell your own seed to other farmers.

Full details of Seed Force’s VLAs can be found at www.varietycentral.com.au. A copy of the Licence Agreement can be accessed here.

Online royalty management

Our online royalty management system is a simple and convenient way for growers to enter Harvest Declarations, with collect transactions automatically allocated to your account. You can register by using the link below or if you are already registered, you can also login via www.epr.seedforce.com.

EPR Grower Login EPR Grower Register Declaration Form

For further information or to ask any questions, please get in touch via .