Forage Sorghum

SF Beamer

Hi-Gest low lignin hybrid sudangrass*

SF Beamer Hi-Gest sudangrass is a warm season summer annual grass which can be harvested multiple times during the growing season as pasture, hay or silage.

It carries the BMR brown midrib trait to reduce lignin in the plant for improved palatability and intake, resulting in enhanced animal performance when fed to dairy or beef cattle or sheep.

SF Beamer has finer stems, narrow leaf blades, tillers profusely and re-grows rapidly after harvest compared to forage sorghums.

It can be sown when soil temperatures reach 18°C and are rising. The time to first grazing will depend upon soil temperatures. A stubble of about 100mm is recommended after cutting or grazing to promote vigorous re-growth and profuse tillering of the next crop.

We recommend SF Beamer where the focus is on high quality grazing and fast recovery between grazings.

*For further information about this exciting technology, visit the website

Features Benefits
Superior forage quality Increased intake for greater animal performance, excellent animal preference
BMR sudangrass x sudangrass Fine stems for quicker dry down. Multi-use for grazing, baling and silage
Earlier grazing opportunity Well suited to low rainfall zones. Ideal for early lock-up silage or early hay. Can enable re-seeding in medium rainfall areas
Fast recovery Can be re-grazed faster

Stock Suitability

Suited to grazing by dairy, beef and sheep

Sowing Rate

Dryland 10-15kg/ha

Irrigated 20-30kg/ha