SF Ovalo

winter wheat

SF Ovalo is an awnless, long growing season winter wheat with potential for high yields in the high rainfall zone. It has been developed in France and into Northern Spain where its low P/L ratio brings specific qualities required by the European baking industry.

SF Ovalo is a very prolific tillering variety this leads to a high number of ears per m2 in the field and a high yield for the grower. It is particularly resistant to Septoria and Fusarium. It is recommended for sowing in southern high rainfall zone or under irrigation where its high yields can enable greater per hectare returns than higher quality white wheats.

Full season growing potential
Very high yield potential
Can be sown in HRZ from late summer until early winter
Good resistance to septoria and fusarium
Increased resistance to sprouting
Increased income potential for autumn/winter grazing when sown early

Australian Release



Winter wheat



Disease Resistance

Good resistance to septoria and fusarium

Seedling Vigour


Grazing Potential

Very good autumn and winter

Sowing Rate


Sowing Zone

CW & SW slopes, S Tablelands NSW, N Victoria (irrigation), S Victoria, SE SA, Tasmania