Prairie Grass

SF Jeronimo

prairie grass

SF Jeronimo is a new highly winter active prairie grass with a broad fit for pasture systems where rotational grazing is used. It has similar maturity to Matua and has excellent capacity for re-seeding into pasture swards.

It has much improved autumn/winter activity to ensure more feed when it is most needed.

SF Jeronimo can be sown as the sole grass at high rates for intensive dairy production to provide a boost to autumn winter production. It is especially well suited to the sub tropics.

It can also be used as a component of cocksfoot or tall fescue based perennial pastures to provide re-seeding into the pasture sward, especially around stock camps. It can also be used in mixes with lucerne to provide a balanced pasture with more winter production and no need for expensive winter cleaning.

Features Benefits
Excellent palatability Has excellent palatability and quality even when seeding. More feed eaten for conversion to meat or milk.
Excellent production Suited to all pasture systems under rotational grazing. Greater performance than standards over the warm seasons.
Early maturity Enables excellent re-seeding for strong pasture regeneration.
Increased winter activity More feed when it is needed most

Australian Release


Stock Suitability

Suited to all livestock types, silage and hay

Sowing Rate

25-50kg/ha as sole grass with clovers and herbs

4-5kg/ha in perennial pasture mixes