Tall Fescue

SF Festival

continental tall fescue

SF Festival is an 11 clone synthetic variety developed in the USA. Each clone was selected for outstanding yield, quality and rust resistance.

It is a persistent and productive forage type with better summer production and tolerance to both summer heat and winter cold.

SF Festival has performed well in USA University trials and on commercial farms in Australia.

Features Benefits
Persistent Handles both heat and cool climates. Ideal for summer production
Very good yields A good perennial pasture option for areas with summer rainfall or irrigation
Excellent in mixes with clovers Provides a better balance with clovers than perennial ryegrass or phalaris due to its slower establishment

Australian Release


Stock Suitability

All livestock types

Sowing Rate

20kg/ha >850mm irrigation

15-20kg/ha 700-850mm rainfall

10-15kg/ha 500-700mm rainfall