SF Medly

Mediterranean cocksfoot

SF Medly is a Mediterranean cocksfoot with high winter growth and moderate summer dormancy. Bred in France, it has been trialed in Australia under hot dry summers

After initial establishment, has maintained population density better than other traditional cocksfoots.

SF Medly produces more autumn/winter feed than traditional cocksfoots and will produce feed into early summer in long growing season environments.

It can be sown as the sole perennial grass with sub-clover, or in a mix with other summer active cocksfoot varieties for all year round feed. It is also suited to sowing at 0.5-2kg/ha with lucerne.

Features Benefits
Strong seedling vigour Improved establishment. Greater first year yields
Mid season flowering Produces more feed in 500-700mm rainfall zone
Highly winter active More winter feed when it is needed most
Summer dormancy (winter rainfall regions) Improved persistence over traditional cocksfoots. Similar spring feed to Junee

Australian Release


Stock Suitability

Suited to all livestock types, silage and hay

Sowing Rate

4-6kg/ha as a sole grass

1-3kg/ha in pasture mixes