Tall Fescue

SF Medallion

mediterranean tall fescue

SF Medallion is a new summer dormant mediterranean tall fescue. It has been selected to produce similar yields to existing types, but with lower NDF and higher ME for increased animal intake and liveweight gain.

It has shown excellent palatability and persistence in Australian trials. It has no endophyte and poses no animal health risks to grazing livestock, including horses and alpacas. SF Medallion is two weeks later flowering than current mediterranean varieties.

Features Benefits
High winter production Produces feed when it is most needed
Excellent feed quality This provides higher liveweight gain and milk per ha
High summer dormancy Provides the plant with outstanding persistence, especially in areas of hot dry summers
Nil endophyte status Poses no animal health risks to all livestock classes

Australian Release


Stock Suitability

Suited to all livestock types, silage and hay

Sowing Rate

8-12kg/ha as sole grass with clovers

4-6kg/ha in mixes with lucerne