Perennial ryegrass


diploid perennial ryegrass

Matrix is a proven high yielding, persistent late heading diploid perennial ryegrass. It has proven to be one of the highest yielding cultivars in trials over the past decade, and the most persistent in many sites.

It has very late heading ensuring that high quality feed is maintained longer into spring and summer for improved livestock performance.

Matrix is an ideal inclusion into sheep, beef and dairy mixes where yield, quality and persistence are all important.

Features Benefits
Outstanding yields More feed over the total growing season
Very late maturity Provides high quality feed later into spring and summer
High tiller density diploid Faster recovery from grazing and adverse conditions
Excellent persistence More feed in later years of a pasture sward. Longer time between re-sowings reduces overall costs of feed

Australian Release


Stock Suitability

Dairy, beef and sheep

Sowing Rate

16-20kg/ha >850mm irrigation and 700-850mm rainfall

12-16kg/ha 500-700mm rainfall