Perennial ryegrass

Revolution AR1

diploid perennial ryegrass

Revolution AR1 is a fine leaved, very densely tillered, late heading diploid perennial ryegrass. It is excellent for both milk production and finishing stock late into the season.

It has high ME content and palatability for maximizing livestock performance and is well suited to mixing with other late flowering varieties and pasture legumes.

Features Benefits
Outstanding yields Better matches feed demand throughout the growing year
Late season maturity Provides high quality feed later into late spring and summer
High tiller density diploid Faster recovery from grazing and adverse conditions
AR1 endophyte option Safe for grazing by all livestock types

Australian Release


Stock Suitability

Suited to all livestock types, silage and hay

Sowing Rate

16-20kg/ha >850mm irrigation and 700-850mm rainfall

12-16kg/ha 500-700mm rainfall