Perennial ryegrass

SF Tenacity

diploid perennial ryegrass

SF Tenacity is a persistent and high winter yielding perennial ryegrass. It has very early flowering to enable re-seeding in pasture mixes and is well suited to marginal dryland areas and where perennial ryegrass is used as a minor component in the blend.

SF Tenacity is Australian grown and contains standard endophyte to aid persistence.

Features Benefits
Persistent Well suited to marginal dryland situations. Can be included in mixes to improve persistence
Early flowering Enables re-seeding in short season areas. Can thicken up pasture swards for extended life of pasture
High winter yielding Used in mixes for carryover seed regeneration. Improves cool season production when feed is most needed

Australian Release


Stock Suitability

Beef and sheep

Sowing Rate

16-20kg/ha >850mm irrigation and 700-850mm rainfall

12-16kg/ha 500-700mm rainfall