SF Narrikup


SF Narrikup is a very vigorous mid-late season subterraneum clover (ssp. subterraneum), flowering approximately 126 days from an early May sowing in Perth.

It is best suited to well-drained, moderately acid (pHCa 4.5 – 6.5) soils in areas of southern Australia with approximately 500–700 mm mean annual rainfall and where the growing season extends to mid November.

Emerging seedlings of SF Narrikup suffer less damage from Red-Legged Earth Mite (Halotydeus destructor) than older subterraneum clovers. This is most evident at low to moderate RLEM densities. Work by CSIRO has demonstrated that RLEM fed less and produce less progeny on subterraneum clovers with cotyledon resistance.

A particular strength of SF Narrikup is its high winter production, driven by strong seedling regeneration densities, which may in part be attributable to its reduced cotyledon susceptibility to RLEM at low to moderate mite densities.

Features Benefits
Seedling Red- Legged Earth Mite tolerance Improved establishment. Greater first year yields. Reduced need for insecticide and application costs
Mid season flowering Produces more feed in 500–700mm rainfall zone
Increased winter feed 87% more winter feed than Campeda. 29% more winter feed than Junee
Increased spring feed 13% more spring feed than Campeda. Similar spring feed to Junee
Improved seedling regeneration 61% more winter feed than Campeda. 19% more winter feed than Junee

Australian Release


Stock Suitability

Suited to all livestock types, silage and hay


Mid-late flowering

Sowing Rate

5-10kg/ha as a sole species

2-5kg/ha in mixes