SF Rosabrook


SF Rosabrook was developed by the National Annual Pasture Legume Improvement Program (NAPLIP) as a replacement for cv.Denmark with improved cotyledon tolerance to Red-Legged Earth Mite (RLEM).

It results from a single backcross, with cv. Denmark as the recurrent parent, and has a flowering time of 143 days from an early May sowing in Perth, the same as Denmark.

SF Rosabrook is suited to well drained, moderately acid (pH CaCl2 4.5–6.5) soils in areas of southern Australia where the growing season extends to mid-late November, corresponding to a minimum annual rainfall of approximately 650 mm.

It is well suited to permanent pasture systems, but should regenerate strongly following occasional years in crop. It is not suited to 1:1 crop/pasture rotations.

Features Benefits
Red-Legged Earth Mite tolerance Improved establishment. Greater first year yields. Reduced need for insecticide application costs
Late flowering Produces more feed in high rainfall zone
Outstanding winter yields Rapid re-growth after grazing when feed is needed
High yielding Produces more feed per hectare. Produces lower cost feed

Australian Release


Stock Suitability

Suited to all livestock types, silage and hay


Late flowering

Sowing Rate

5-10kg/ha as a sole species, 2-5kg/ha in mixes