SF Force 10

winter active lucerne

SF Force 10 is a synthetic variety with 116 parent plants from three activity nine varieties. It was developed with selection for high forage yield, improved winter growth (activity 10), and resistance to verticillium wilt, phytophthora root rot and spotted alfalfa aphid.

It is well suited to short phase dryland farming systems or intensive cutting or grazing under irrigation where winter yield is important.

For specialist hay production sow highly winter active types at higher rates to improve stand density and ensure finer stems.

Features Benefits
Very high forage yields Suited to short dryland or intensive irrigation rotations
Increased winter activity Ideal for those wanting feed all year round. More feed for cutting on shoulders of cool season
Excellent establishment Faster to first cutting or grazing
Good pest and disease resistance Excellent production and quality over an extended period

Australian Release


Stock Suitability

Dairy, beef, sheep and hay

Sowing Rate

10-20kg/ha >900mm irrigation

8-10kg/ha 700-850mm rainfall

6-8kg/ha 600-750mm rainfall

4-6kg/ha 450-600mm rainfall

2-4kg/ha <450mm rainfall