SF Force 5

grazing tolerant lucerne

SF Force 5 lucerne was developed for grazing under set stocking by selecting plants that excelled and persisted under two years of set stocking.

It has good pest and disease resistance and is the ideal choice where producers are looking to plant lucerne with an expected stand life of 7+ years.

SF Force 5 has a low dense crown and produces high yields of leafy high quality forage with good leaf to stem ratio ideal for grazing or hay. It is best recommended for all livestock, mixed farming or hay producers looking for a persistent lucerne suited to long rotations between cropping phases, and for grazing by sheep or cattle.

Features Benefits
Grazing tolerance Able to withstand extended periods of set stocking. Improves stands persistence for rotations up to 7+ years
Low dense crown high tillering variety Handles set stocking and high grazing pressure. High leaf to stem ratio for improved hay quality
Good pest and disease resistance Excellent production and quality over an extended period

Australian Release


Stock Suitability

Dairy, beef, sheep and hay

Sowing Rate

10-20kg/ha >900mm irrigation

8-10kg/ha 700-850mm rainfall

6-8kg/ha 600-750mm rainfall

4-6kg/ha 450-600mm rainfall

2-4kg/ha <450mm rainfall