SF Endurance


SF Endurance is a new forage plantain with improved feed production across all seasons. Plantain is a drought hardy deep rooted perennial herb well adapted to low fertility soils.

Existing varieties have either been winter active and early flowering or summer active and late flowering. SF Endurance provides similar winter feed to Tonic, but with improved warm season production.

It is ideal for pasture mixes where producers are looking for a contribution from plantain across all seasons.

Features Benefits
Mid season maturity Suited to a broader range of environments
All season growth Fills more than one feed gap
Frost tolerant Will still grow feed in extreme winter cold

Australian Release



Mid season

Stock Suitability

All types

Sowing Rate

3-4 kg/ha in perennial pastures

2-3 kg/ha with short-term ryegrass oversown into tropical pastures