SF Punter


SF Punter is a deep rooted perennial herb providing outstanding summer productivity and feed quality. It has high mineral uptake and is extremely persistent.

It provides a high energy forage with proven animal health benefits and increased animal production at a time of year when pasture quality is low.

Being more winter active than some varieties, SF Punter can be sown at any time when there is adequate moisture for good germination and establishment.

Features Benefits
Excellent quality feed High animal intake for increased meat and milk. Enables high mineral uptake for improved livestock health
Good winter activity Better establishment and year round feed. Ideal companion species to pastures mixes
Outstanding winter yields Rapid re-growth after grazing when feed is needed
Persistent medium-term option Suited to mixes for 3-5 years. Can regenerate from seed to thicken up in sward

Australian Release


Stock Suitability

All types

Sowing Rate

1-4kg/ha as a sole species

1-2kg/ha in a mix