Fodder Beet

SF Brigadier

fodder beet

SF Brigadier is a traditional polyploid, mangel type fodder beet with orange bulbs. The bulb sits high up out of the soil and is ideal for grazing in situ by all livestock classes, and its high sugar level makes it very palatable.

Fodder beet is a well known crop, but with new genetics and better management practices it is gaining rapid interest for its ability to produce very high yields of high quality forage. It is typically sown in spring using specialist seeders and has a 4-6 month growing period.

SF Brigadier offers new genetic potential and is capable of producing 20-40t DM/ha for late autumn and winter grazing. It is not a brassica but a member of the beet family and offers the opportunity to break the traditional weed and pest cycle of brassicas, particularly for Diamondback moth.

You should seek specialist advice from Seed Force if considering growing this exciting crop.

Features Benefits
High sugar feed option Very good palatability for all livestock classes
Very high potential yields Can yield up to 20-40t DM/ha. Profitable crop option
Good weed and pest rotational crop Sound option to avoid Diamondback moth problems

Australian Release



16-26 weeks after sowing

Stock Suitability

Dairy, beef and sheep

Sowing Rate

80,000-100,000 seeds per hectare