Forage Rape

SF Greenland

forage rape

SF Greenland is a high yielding forage rape that can be used by dairy, beef and sheep producers to produce high quality feed in any season where moisture during growing season will allow.

Due to its late flowering, SF Greenland is well suited to sowing during late summer until spring. It is consistently producing high yields when sown for either winter or summer feed.

SF Greenland is fast becoming the rape of choice for producers looking to improve their profitability from growing forage rape.

Features Benefits
Late flowering Can be sown all year round with adequate moisture
Traditional maturity Can graze when crop is ripe based on sowing time and location
High yielding More profitable than other forage rape options
Excellent re-growth Will provide more feed from later grazings

Australian Release



Will vary by growing season from six weeks from northern autumn sowing to 16 weeks for southern winter sowing

Stock Suitability

Dairy, beef and sheep

Sowing Rate