Annual Ryegrass

SF Pinnacle

tetraploid annual ryegrass

SF Pinnacle is a new late flowering tetraploid annual ryegrass with an outstanding profile of desirable characteristics. It has good seedling vigour, excellent winter production, fantastic late season production and forage quality. It has outstanding rust resistance.

Features Benefits
High yielding Top ranking forage yields
High winter production Good early growth for feed when it is needed most
Late flowering Suited to multiple cuts of excellent quality silage or hay
Outstanding rust resistance Ideal for long growing seasons and in sub-tropics

Australian Release

Limited release in 2013, fully commercial in 2014.

Stock Suitability

Suited to all livestock types, silage and hay

Sowing Rate

35-50kg/ha Oversowing kikuyu and >850mm irrigation

25-30kg/ha 700-850mm rainfall

20-25kg/ha 500-700mm rainfall

15kg/ha Overdrilling perennial pastures