Annual Ryegrass

SF Speedyl

teraploid annual ryegrass

SF Speedyl has been selected after its outstanding performance in trials against commercial standards and breeders' trial lines.

SF Speedyl establishes rapidly and will provide fast winter feed, but importantly will produce high levels of quality feed later into the season than other annuals.

It is later flowering than other commercial cultivars and holds its leaf even during heading. Its feed quality is outstanding from early winter until late in the season.

Features Benefits
High yielding More feed for your pasture investment.
High winter yields Provides feed when it is needed most.
Good rust resistance Well suited for late grazing into the warm season.
Late flowering(12 days later than Tetila types) Excellent late season quality. Enables higher quality conserved fodder which will provide more meat and milk per hectare.

Australian Release


Stock Suitability

Dairy, beef, sheep grazing silage and hay

Sowing Rate

35-50kg/ha Oversowing kikuyu and >850mm irrigation

25-30kg/ha 700-850mm rainfall

20-25kg/ha 500-700mm rainfall

15kg/ha Overdrilling perennial pastures