Italian Ryegrass

SF Emmerson

tetraploid italian ryegrass

SF Emmerson is a new generation broad leaved tetraploid Italian ryegrass adapted to a wide range of environments. It has excellent establishment vigour and produces best in warm environments.

It has good autumn-early winter production and a large spring flush, ideal for fodder conservation. It has shown higher ME levels and lower NDF levels than diploid Italian ryegrass (except SF Indulgence DipQ) through the cool growing season offering more energy for conversion to meat or milk production. SF Emmerson has also shown excellent disease tolerance, in particular a low incidence of rust in humid environments. It has a very large seed, much larger than other tetraploids and we recommend sowing it at 35kg/ha.

Features Benefits
Large seed with excellent vigour Fast establishment and grazing recovery
Late season tetraploid Italian ryegrass Ideal for spring flush and fodder conservation
Very good quality with very good disease tolerance Can provide better liveweight gain and milk production per hectare

Australian Release


Stock Suitability

Suited to all livestock types, silage and hay

Sowing Rate

35-50 kg/ha Oversowing kikuyu and >850mm irrigation

25-35kg/ha 700-850mm rainfall

20-30kg/ha 500-700mm rainfall

20kg/ha Overdrilling perennial pastures