Italian Ryegrass

SF Accelerate

diploid italian ryegrass

SF Accelerate is a diploid Italian ryegrass developed from four components and selected for high forage yields with rapid recovery after grazing. It is a late season variety flowering some 12 days later than Tetila types, and similar to Crusader.

It has good cool season production, but also excellent summer production and second year recovery. SF Accelerate has improved feed quality compared to other commercial diploid cultivars - consistently lower NDF and higher ME levels throughout the growing season.

Features Benefits
Excellent establishment vigour Provides faster establishment. Well suited to kikuyu oversowing
High winter yields More cool season production when feed is critical
Good quality with very good disease tolerance Consistent lower NDF and higher ME levels throughout the year

Australian Release


Stock Suitability

Suited to all livestock types, silage and hay

Sowing Rate

30-40kg/ha Oversowing kikuyu and >850mm irrigation

20-25kg/ha 700-850mm rainfall

15-20kg/ha 500-700mm rainfall

15kg/ha Overdrilling perennial pastures