Acacia Plateau

forage kikuyu

Acacia Plateau is a fast establishing forage kikuyu with improved cold tolerance and rapid lateral spreading ability.

It was selected from plants growing at Acacia Plateau at the top of the Clarence River catchment close to the NSW/QLD border some 1000m above sea level.

This has led to a new variety with an ability to establish and grow under cooler temperatures, yet cover over rapidly.

As an excellent seeder it can produce lower cost seed enabling growers to sow kikuyu at more successful higher sowing rates at a similar cost per ha.

Features Benefits
Rapid lateral spread Can achieve pasture coverage faster. Enables lower cost seeding of kikuyu.
Greater cold tolerance Can establish under cooler temperatures.
Can establish in autumn with temperate grasses. Will produce greater winter feed yields.
Broad seed germination period Can handle staggered moisture profile.
Improved feed quality over Whittet Can deliver higher meat and milk returns from a similar cost.

Australian Release


Livestock Suitability

Acacia Plateau is suited to all livestock categories including dairy, beef, sheep, and horses. It is well suited to silage production.

Sowing Rate

Sole grass 5-10kg/ha bare seed

In mixes with other grasses – minimum 5kg/ha