Winter Canola

SF Edimax CL

Clearfield winter canola

SF Edimax CL is a hybrid, Clearfield winter canola offering growers improved gross margins from both autumn/winter grazing and high potential grain yields.

SF Edimax CL can be sown in late summer or early autumn for grazing at eight weeks after sowing up until mid-July lock-up for grain with excellent oil content.

Features Benefits
Full season growing potential Excellent yield potential
Can be sown in HRZ from late summer until early winter to reduce peak time use of seeder Late maturity spreads frost risk;
Sowing early reduces requirement for slug control when soil temperatures allow faster growth
Increased income potential for autumn/winter grazing when sown early High oil content

Australian Release




Herbicide Tolerance Group



Late - Very late

Blackleg Resistance

MR-R, Group C resistance

Seedling Vigour


Crop Height


Oil Content


Grazing Potential

Very good autumn and winter

Sowing Rate

2.5-3.5kg/ha for grain only; 3.5-4.0kg/ha for early grazing and grain

Sowing Zone

NW & SW slopes, S Tablelands NSW, N Victoria (irrigation), S Victoria, SE SA