Forage Sorghum


Forage Sorghum

Flourish is a fast growing hybrid sorghum x sudan bred from selections from both Australian and USA genetics. It is an early flowering variety with improved speed to first grazing. It is high yielding with excellent re-growth for either grazing or cutting.

It will provide feed at first grazing faster than sudangrass and more feed at later grazing if allowed to recover for longer than sudangrass.

Your stock will flourish on this great forage.

Flourish is best suited to beef cattle grazing and for cutting at 1-1.2m height as silage for either dairy or beef cattle.

Features Benefits
New hybrid sorghum x sudan Will provide multiple grazings or cuts
Early maturity Fast establishment and speed to first graze
Fine stemmed and leafy Provides better quality grazing

Stock Suitability

Suited to grazing dairy, beef and sheep or conserving as silage or hay

Sowing Rate

Dryland 8-12kg/ha

Irrigated 20-25kg/ha